Renting out a property in Hawaii can be a time consuming investment. While the investment is worth it, you may feel like you’re bending over backwards to keep up with your tenants, paperwork, and listings. Lighten your load with a Hawaii Property Management company like Solana Grover. SC Realty will take care of every aspect of your rental; you’ll get the income and we’ll take care of the rest. Your ownership of the property will be as simple, profitable, and as stress-free as possible. With over 11 years of experience in real estate and marketing, we are confident that we can achieve the best return on investment. Below are some frequently asked questions, but as always, if you’re looking for more information contact us today.

Do you need a license to operate?

Yes. Property Managers must have both a real estate broker license and a sales associate license. 

What do the Solana Grover property management services include?

  • Analyze the market conditions for each lease thus maximizing your income
  • Account for all income and expenses produced by your property
  • Contract for services, repairs, and maintenance as authorized
  • Advertise for prospective tenants
  • Show the property and screen qualified tenants
  • Negotiate and execute rental and lease agreements
  • Promptly respond to and address the needs of your tenants
  • Evaluate rental and lease agreements periodically
  • Provide service notices on tenants as needed
  • Perform regular periodic property inspections

At Solana Grover, we are a full-service property management team of experts who handle everything for you. We will take care of advertising your property and make sure it’s in top condition at all times. It is important that our clients have the best experience than they could have on any of the islands. Our team of professionals are capable of personally handling all of the maintenance that comes with renting property in Hawaii.

What is Solana Grover responsible for?

Under our care, we will make sure that your property is given the all-star treatment it deserves. We will take care of the advertising plan for your property and screen all potential tenants. Next, we’ll handle the rental and lease agreements to simplify your paperwork and maximize your mental bandwidth. 

How much does your property management cost?

As one of the leading companies in Oahu property management, we work not only to give excellent service but also to be fair to our clients who use our skills. Our fees range by location of the property and the current market will help to determine where the fee will fall between the numbers. 

Is this a good investment?

Everyone’s financial situation is different but having a rental property in Hawaii can make a stable asset in what can sometimes be a hectic world. Real estate will always be in demand and its potential to bring great wealth can only grow as it is worked on to be improved. By using a Hawaii property management company to take care of the day-in-day-out needs of running such a place, you will find the passive income that comes with renting can only do your portfolio a great service. And at present, the current rates on rentals in Hawaii are outperforming most hotels across the many islands.

Can I convert my short-term rental into a long-term rental?

Each island has their own laws on this. So, as long as your property meets the legal requirements to do so, then the answer is yes. Should you wish to discuss doing so, our team of professionals are here to help. We can consult with you on your properties success and availability to switch at any point in time while working with us. This is not something you must decide and be stuck with during our work relationship.

I like what I’ve been reading. How do we start?

We would be delighted to have the chance to sit down with you and go through our services, address any questions you might have, and provide you with a comparable market analysis of the current market rents in your properties area. Get in touch with us here and fill out the online form so we can get some initial insight into your property. We will review and get in touch with you ASAP. 

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