Aina Haina | A neighborhood overview.

Aina Haina is located in Honolulu’s Hawaii Kai neighborhood, which is one of Oahu’s most sought after residential areas.


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Aina Haina is a coastal, suburban neighborhood in a residential community developed around Kalanianaole Highway east of Waikīkī and Diamond Head. ʻĀina Haina was named after local dairyman and owner of Hind-Clarke Dairy, Robert Hind. ʻĀina Haina in the Hawaiian language means “Hind’s Land”. A main street is a loop named Hind Drive for him. 

The majority of single-family homes and townhomes in Aina Haina are medium sized (three or four bedrooms) to large (four, five, or more bedrooms). The majority of the residential real estate is occupied by the owners. Many of the homes in the Aina Haina neighborhood were built between 1940 and 1969 and are older and well-established. Between 1970 and 1999, a number of houses were also constructed.

The neighborhood of Aina Haina is located on the ocean, a bay, or an inlet. Often, such coastal locations feature waterfront amenities and recreational activities that appeal to both inhabitants and visitors. Aina Haina is a nautical neighborhood that is both coastal and on the sea. It is historic, walkable, densely populated, and on the water. This gives the neighborhood a nautical feel, with a touch of seaside and seafaring, which some residents may find appealing.

Furthermore, while most communities include a range of ages of homes, from new to old, this neighborhood stands out owing to its concentration of residential real estate built during a single time period: 1940 to 1969, which is generally regarded older, well-established residences. This was a prolific period for home construction in the United States. As GIs returned home after WWII, they used the GI Bill to purchase newly built homes on the outskirts of cities and start their families. Many baby boomers grew up in homes built during this period, which roughly corresponds to the ‘Baby Boom’ generation (1945–1964). But what makes the Aina Haina neighborhood so intriguing is that 85.7 percent of the homes were built during this time period. As a result, this area has a look and feel that harkens to that era in American life, a very essential slice of Americana, when you walk its streets or drive through it.

Wailupe Beach Park, Laukahi Park, Niu Valley Park, Kawaikui Beach Park, and the Aina Haina Community Park are among the local attractions. The Aina Haina Shopping Center and the neighboring Kahala Mall are also easily accessible to residents. There are two elementary schools in ina Haina (Aina Haina Elementary School and Holy Nativity School).

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