Kaka'ako | A neighborhood overview.

Kaka’ako has been dubbed Honolulu’s new “it” neighborhood. This is a fast rising metropolitan community with a long and illustrious history steeped in industry, entrepreneurship, and Hawaiian culture.


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Kaka’ako is a trendy neighborhood noted for its thriving food industry. The SALT complex is home to juice bars and casual cafés selling craft beer and Hawaiian farm fare, as well as the Kaka’ako Farmers’ Market, which sells coconuts and local coffee. Picnics are popular at Kaka’ako Waterfront Park, and paddleboarders take to the ocean at Ala Moana Beach Park. Department stores and fashion chains can be found in the nearby Ala Moana Center.


The transformation of Kakaako from a warehouse-filled commercial hub to a residential city is stunning! It’s the ideal position for a residential neighborhood because it’s bordered by downtown Honolulu, Oahu’s primary business and financial centre, and Waikiki, Oahu’s main tourist destination.


With a vast choice of restaurants, stores, street art, and boutiques, it’s no surprise that Kakaako is a hub of activity. It’s city living at its best, yet automobiles aren’t required! It will house two separate stops on Honolulu’s upcoming rail system, as well as other notable stops such as Downtown (4 minutes away) and Honolulu International Airport (13 minute ride).


Kakaako was originally a thriving Native Hawaiian community with agricultural terraces and a royal residence for Hawaiian monarchs. With his family, personal kahuna, and top adviser Hewahewa, Kamehameha I had a home. According to Cultural Surveys Hawaii, which conducted many reports on the area, Hawaiians used the area for fishpond farming, salt production, wetland cultivation, and human burials.


Kaka’ako began its transition into an industrial and residential area in the 1800s. Honolulu Iron Works, a metal foundry and machine factory, provided the neighborhood the impetus to become a blue-collar town, and as families arrived and settled down, small stores, churches, schools, and parks sprouted. After a century, Kaka’ako’s zoning changed from residential to commercial, and the neighborhood was dominated by warehouses, warehouses, and small companies.


“Our Kaka’ako,” a residential and commercial project led by Kamehameha Schools and Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii Inc., has altered most of Kakaako today. The $60 million project will renovate sites for both residential and commercial use, adding roughly 200 residences and rental apartments. The Howard Hughes Corporation, which is rebuilding the city with Ward Village, a 60-acre master planned complex with houses, shops, and recreational zones, is another key neighborhood changer. With new pedestrian crosswalks, streetscapes, and green spaces, as well as a diverse choice of restaurants, stores, street art, art exhibitions, and more, walkability will become a priority.

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