Kapolei | Oahu's Second City

Oahu’s “second city” has a lot to offer in terms of things to do, see, and experience. Because of Kapolei’s central position, your choices for surrounding stores and restaurants are almost limitless. Foodland is directly across the street, so get your groceries there and then go over to the adjacent Kapolei Commons or Kamakana Alii for the remainder of your shopping requirements. Kapolei provides simple access and a quick commute whether traveling west to the Ko Olina Resorts or east to Honolulu and the University of Hawaii.


Kapolei is a vibrant town that is recognized for its new developments and bigger, more affordable residences. Residents have access to a wide range of contemporary facilities, including large box shops, merchants, and restaurants, as well as resorts and water parks. Kapolei already has about 12,000 residences and condominiums, with the Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting projecting the number will approach 50,000 by 2035.


To keep up with the region’s growing population, many big residential development corporations are constructing master-planned communities. Three proposed projects – Kapolei West, Makaiwa Hills, and Ho’opili – are slated to deliver 18,000 new houses to Kapolei in the near future.


Kapolei has many options for medical and dental treatment, including Queen’s Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, and HMSA. For retirees, there are various possibilities for elder housing and adult day care. There are also excellent schools in the neighborhood, ranging from pre-school through college at the UH West Oahu campus.


New houses bring new amenities, and Kapolei has much to offer. Because of the developing employment market in the region, you won’t have to go back to town every day. Instead, visit Ka Makana Ali’i, Oahu’s second-largest retail complex, relax in a leather chair at the newly rebuilt Consolidated Theatres 16, or cool down at Wet’n’Wild Hawaii.


Houses with lanais, open interior layouts, and fenced-in yards are dispersed throughout neighborhoods with a strong emphasis on family life, including several parks and leisure centers, as well as pedestrian-friendly streets ideal for jogging or strolling the baby. There’s little doubt that the designers designed these houses with the true aspirations of local homeowners in mind, rather than attempting to prescribe what they should be, as so many others have done before.


That doesn’t imply that all of Kapolei’s neighborhoods look or feel the same. No, not at all. You’ll quickly see that there are several approaches to meet the profound Hawaii house values. Every one of them is a part of this area, which has grown into the 2nd City it was always meant to be, yet is still only halfway through its wonderful journey. One that you could be called to be a part of right now.

4 things that Kapolei such a great city:

Modern Amenities

From big box stores, retailers, and restaurants to resorts and water parks

A Thriving Community

The influx of young families, increased career opportunities, and lower crime rate.

New, Affordable Developments

Today, Kapolei is home to nearly 12,000 homes and condos. This is expected to exceed 50,000 by 2035.

Great Investment Opportunity

With the scarcity of real estate opportunities in Oahu, now is the time to invest in more affordable options.

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