Ala Moana | A neighborhood overview.

Ala Moana has world-class shopping, amazing restaurants, and a lovely beach park.



Ala Moana is nestled between Kakaako and Waikiki, two of Oahu’s most vibrant neighborhoods. You have the best of both worlds at Ala Moana, as both communities are only a short distance apart. The neighborhood is conveniently positioned near grocery markets, malls, parks, and beaches. The Ala Moana neighborhood has a wide range of condominiums to choose from, as well as a number of new projects planned for the area.  


Kâlia was the old Hawaiian name for the area. It previously had a lot of fishponds, taro farms, marshes, and fishermen’s houses.  The property was owned by the Hawaiian government and acquired by Lot Kamehameha in 1861. The parcel ultimately passed into Bernice Pauahi Bishop’s possession before being sold by the Bishop Estate around the time of Bernice Pauahi Bishop’s death in 1884. In 1912, it was sold for $30,000 to Walter F. Dillingham. In 1902, Dillingham founded the Hawaiian Dredging Company to develop harbors along his father’s OR&L Co.’s lines, and he soon obtained the US Navy contract to dredge the Pearl Harbor entrance channel. The area in Kalia served as a dumping ground for extra fill from the dredging of Pearl Harbor, allowing for future development.


Though it is most known for housing the Ala Moana Center, the world’s largest open-air shopping mall, Ala Moana is much more than that. The beach and the long narrow park that abuts it are a big lure for residents and visitors alike, as they are bordered by a long stretch of breathtakingly gorgeous shoreline. Sleek high-rise structures dot the skyline, with exciting new luxury developments recently opened or in the works, as well as a plethora of superb dining and nightlife alternatives.


Ala Moana has long been the go-to spot for shopping or a five-star meal. The rising crop of luxury residential buildings has also made it home for some of Honolulu’s energetic young professionals in the business and creative industries in recent years. The lively energy of Ala Moana proper, which is always a place to play, mixes well with the more laid-back residential parts of the neighborhood, where long-time residents enjoy a quiet—and wonderfully convenient—quality of life.


Ala Moana is designed as a livable urban community that invites people to walk, bike, and take public transportation. The new rail station and TOD area will feature a variety of uses, promote redevelopment where appropriate, assist in local revitalization, and provide infrastructural improvements for enhanced safety, better mobility, and a sustainable environment. The Ala Moana community will continue to exemplify cultural and economic diversity, convenience, and the aloha spirit, serving as a gathering spot for locals and visitors alike. It will remain a major retail destination, and new mixed-use development will enhance the physical environment, safety, and mobility by incorporating community benefits into each project’s implementation.

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All activities are within a few square miles

Shopper’s Paradise

Home of the Ala Moana Center

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Bordered by a long stretch of white sand shoreline

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