There has been significant media coverage in Ward Village this week regarding the release of developer Howard Hughes’ plans and initial designs for the last three towers to be built in the prestigious Ward Village Master Plan. This announcement follows the recent declaration of the 11th tower, The Launiu, with intentions to commence sales in 2024.

Mahana Ward Village

The combination of Mahana Ward Village, ‘A’ali’i, Ae’o, and Ke Kilohana will bring new life to the mountain side of Ward Village. This development will include nearly 16,926 square feet of retail space on the ground floor, 47,900 square feet of recreational areas, and an impressive selection of 340 residential units.
When you view the Ward Village Map, you will see that Mahana is located between Queen St and Halekauwila. It is bordered by Ward Avenue to the West and Aalii to the East. It is important to note that the tower is positioned in a way that allows the 00 and 01 stacks at the front of the building to have uninterrupted views of the ocean over Victoria Ward Park. In addition, the residents will have exclusive access to several new retail spaces and restaurants that will be opening in the Ko’ula building later this year, which are located near the park.
Although the information provided is subject to change until the building is officially approved, it is highly likely that the recreational space of 47,900 square feet in the building will showcase another impressive amenity from Howard Hughes. Residents can anticipate top-notch facilities such as a modern fitness center, swimming pools, cozy BBQ cabanas, an exclusive owner’s lounge, and there may even be an indoor golf simulator as rumored. The amenity deck and lobby area will undoubtedly be designed with great care, featuring inviting communal spaces and beautifully maintained landscapes.
Solomon Cordwell Buenz, the architect in charge of the project, has worked on several other projects in Ward Village including Anaha, The Park Ward Village, Kalae, Aalii, and Victoria Place. With these projects, SCB has designed half of all the planned and completed buildings in the area. Mahana, the latest project, draws its design inspiration from both native palm motifs and the organic columns of the Hawaii State Capitol. The building’s angular design and triple-height colonnade combine modern elements with traditional roots, creating a unique composition that portrays a sense of fluid movement.
In Ward Village, the central focus is on designing the community for pedestrians. Due to its location at the north end of Victoria Ward Park, there is a harmonious connection between the buildings and the park.
Mahana Ward Village can be found within the planned community of Ward Village, which spans 60 acres. To access Mahana, there will be a new section added to Halekauwila Street. This extension will connect Ward Avenue to Kamakee Street, although it is not yet completed. Mahana is situated in the third row within Ward Village, towards the mountainside next to The Park Ward Village. From this location, you’ll be able to walk to Whole Foods Market in just 2 minutes, Ala Moana Beach Park in 5 minutes, and Ala Moana Shopping Center in 7 minutes. The proposed site for the Kakaako rail station is just north of this area.

Ward Centre | Towers 13  14

Lastly, the remaining two Ward Village condominiums will be built at the present location of Ward Centre, which is considered to be the most desirable residential area in the master plan. These two sections of land are among the few remaining opportunities to construct properties in Honolulu that offer uninterrupted views of the ocean and exclusive access to Ala Moana Beach Park.
The project will be carried out in two phases and will result in 390 new condominiums in the Kakaako area, divided between two tower buildings. Each tower will have fewer than 200 units, creating a sense of exclusivity similar to properties like Park Lane, Waiea, and First Row condos in Honolulu.
The initial stage, as shown in the image, will include a building located at the junction of Kamakee St, Auahi St, and Ala Moana Blvd. Around 20,000 sqft of commercial area at ground level is also expected to be incorporated between the two buildings. The buildings will have units of various sizes, ranging from one to five bedrooms. Furthermore, plans are underway to create a new park spanning one acre at the intersection of Kamakee St and Auahi St.
The utilization of masonry block and arches reminds us of the design style of Manhattan’s architectural history, creating an interesting connection between the island city and the New York metropolis. The presence of numerous consecutive windows on multiple floors implies the possibility of impressive and spacious communal areas with high ceilings, although it is uncertain.
The construction of the project will be divided into two parts and will consist of a total of 390 housing units in two towers. The first phase of the project will be located between Kamakee St., Auahi St, and Ala Moana Blvd. The two towers will also have a commercial space of approximately 20,000 sqft on the ground floor. The plans for the towers include residential units with one to five bedrooms. Additionally, a new park spanning one acre is planned for the intersection of Kamakee St and Auahi St.
This announcement comes just several weeks after Howard Hughes announced its 12th condo tower in Ward Village called Mahana Ward Village. Earlier this year plans for The Launiu, Ward Village’s 11th tower, were proposed to the HCDA, which makes a total of 4 new project announcements for Ward Village in 2023.

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